Rapid Technological change and digital disruption have dramatically driven the pace of changing customer demands, so much so they have become fluid – a constant change of expectations drawn from experiences across all industries.

Customers now expect increased engagement, personalised content and experience from all of the businesses they deal with. These needs are driving the direction of design and marketing.

At Eminence we have the passion, knowledge and capability to ensure your brand keeps pace with the changing market and can really speak to your customers. Our mission is to work with you to create a brand and service that enables you to keep pace whilst ensuring your customers feel as though they are receiving a personalised experience that links your brand with their individual needs.

Through thoughtful and personalised planning and strategy, we inspire trust within you: trust in us as a company, and trust that you’re making the best, most informed decisions for your brand.


Founded in 2005 by designer Paul Shackleton, Eminence offers brand and design services across New Zealand and abroad.

Paul started the agency after identifying a gap in the Christchurch market. Graphic designers were either boutique or commercial, resulting in services that were either very expensive or cumbersome.  Paul set out to fill this gap by creating a design agency that could respond quickly to demand whilst ensuring quality brand and design to all audiences.

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